Edward Feldman, digital artist, as told by Bill Shafer of Growing Bolder Media. “What do you see when you look at Ed Feldman’s artwork. To Ed Feldman ... it’s an explosion of shape, color and texture. Ed has always seen the world in a slightly different way. It’s why for most of his life he’s felt just a bit out of place, unable to truly express himself until he discovered something that we all have at our fingertips, our phones and our computers. Ed found digital art. Now all the things that only he could see, he takes a picture with his phone and his inter-vision does the rest. But there’s more to it, just like in Ed’s view the closer you look the more fascinating things become. Thousands and thousands of shapes fill the images he creates; and layer after layer of textures fill those shapes... together they reveal a hidden mosaic everywhere you look...” Click here to watch Bill Shafer’s interview with Edward.


Edward Feldman is an artist with a BFA from the University of the Arts. He began his career in New York City and Philadelphia as a professional graphic designer. Edward is the founder and co-chapter representative of the Adobe InDesign and Creative Suite User Group of Central Florida. He is a resident of the Central Florida community.


Edward is exclusively represented by the Jai Gallery at Church Street Exchange. 

For inquiries, please contact gallery director Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon


Exclusive artists gallery at Church Street Exchange

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